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Progression Path for LEGO Based Therapy

We are very pleased to announce that we will be offering a  very much needed progression within our LEGO Based Therapy to allow children develop their skills using LEGO bricks.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Duke of Edinburgh's Awards

Volunteering Opportunities

We are very passionate about supporting young people in achieveing their full potential.

We offer volunteering opportunities for young people who would like to learn more about conditions like autism, ADHD, Selective Mutism and who would like to support young people in developing social communication skills.

We are proud to offer volunteering opportunities that count towards Duke of Edinburgh's Awards.

At the moment those opportunities are in LEGO Club that is delivered in Caterham, Surrey. 

We offer mentoring for young people as well as training that may help them in the future career. 

Upcoming Online Training 2023







Understanding Autism - 24/02/2023

A short introduction to autism explaining the condition, the strengths and challenges it may bring.

Suitable for anyone who would like to learn more, parents, TAs, teachers and other professionals who work with autistic individuals.

Location: online

Cost: FREE



Autism in Females- 24/03/2023

The webinar will discuss general information of autism,  typical problems autistic girls face every day,  misdiagnosis among autistic girls,  challenges of sexuality,  needs of autistic girls

Location: online































Understanding PDA - 28/04/2023

The webinar will discuss what PDA is, key features of PDA, learner with PDA, as well as strategies for everyday, living with PDA - aggression, meltdown, demand free household, well being and deescalating techniques

Location: online

Cost: Free


Understanding Sensory Processing in Autism - 26/05/2023

The workshop is designed to allow parents to express their views, share experiences and learn more about sensory processing. The workshop covers  how sensory system works, over sensitiveness and under-sensitiveness to sensory stimuli,  Self-regulation,  sensory processing and meltdowns and challenging behaviour, strategies to support including Sensory Profiles and Sensory Integration.

Location: online




Anxiety and Meltdowns - 23/06/2023

The workshop covers what autism is and co-morbid conditions,  anxiety in autism and why it is so common,  causes of anxiety in autistic individuals, meltdowns - what are they and how to tackle them,  strategies to support individuals with anxiety disorder and  DOs and DONTs in meltdown

Location: online

Cost: FREE



Mindfulness and Reducing Anxiety- 28/07/2023

Brand NEW workshop for parents.

We will explore what mindfulness is and how it can help autistic children manage and reduce their anxiety.

During the 2 hour session we will:

- understand what anxiety is and how it is linked with autism

- understand what it is to be mindful in daily activities

- discuss creative ideas to help children understand their emotions

- discuss ideas for home and school to reduce anxiety

- take part in guided meditation

The workshop will be interactive and there will be time to share ideas and experiences.

Location: online




Interventions and therapies to support autistic children and their families - 29/09/2023

As a parent myself I know how we struggled as a family to find out what is available for autistic children to help them develop social interaction, communication , language.

By Interventions I do not mean "cure" as autism is not a disease and cannot be eradicated. Autistic individuals can be supported and that is all they need.

The workshop will make is clearer for parents and carers what is available for their children so they know what to ask for and what to look for. We will cover:

- Behavioural Therapy- ABA


- Humanistic therapy

- Lego Therapy

- Occupational Therapy

Location: online

Cost: FREE



LEGO based therapy to improve social communication - 06/01/2024

One day training for professionals and parents of autistic children. 

What is LEGO© 4 Autism?

LEGO© 4 Autism is a social developmental programme for children with autism that addresses issues with social interaction and communication deficiencies.

LEGO© therapy was developed based on the concept of using child’s interests to motivate them to learn and the activities have been shaped towards interaction and communication by introducing the roles of an engineer, a supplier and a builder. The intervention is based on creating LEGO© sets following clear instructions or freestyle building. (LeGoff, 2014).

Why LEGO© Therapy?

Children with ASD like playing with LEGO© blocks as they are suited for autistic children's nature due to their predictability. That reduces anxiety and as a result, children can concentrate on developing skills like social interaction, teamwork.

Improves joint attention - non-verbal communication including shared attention, eye-gaze are in the centre of LEGO© therapy and there is no demand placed on verbal communication. This can be achieved by children checking the plan and the creation, switching the roles and turn taking.

Child-led approach e.g.: child’s choice of what set to build, which can improve motivation. Natural reinforcement has a positive impact on a child's responses and acquisition of new skills. Children respond much better when given choice of what resources they would like to use e.g.: they are more enthusiastic when working on a project they are passionate about.

Inclusion- being part of the group, social inclusion, and sense of belonging play vital roles in the ability to form relationships. As a result, autistic children feel good about themselves, feel included and valued, which could have an impact on their communication and reduce outbursts.

The one day training will cover:

- what autism is, its main presentations, theories

- what LEGO therapy is

- why it is beneficial for autistic children

- hands on practice in small groups

- how to set up your own LEGO classes

- how to ensure that the LEGO class serves its purpose

- need for assessment and evaluation

- an opportunity to ask questions

All participants will have access to resources and get a certificate of attendance.

Location: online

Cost: £49



Eating, toileting and sleeping in autism - 27/10/2023

A short course in 3 parts, each with a different focus. We will explore why autistic individuals may have problems with food, be picky eaters, have trouble with sleep and going to the toilet or be potty trained. We also explore strategies to support those individuals. 

Suitable for anyone who works or cares for an autistic individual. 

Location: online

Cost: FREE

Supporting Positive Behaviour - 24/11/2023

The webinar will discuss destressed behaviour, the link between behaviour and sensory experiences,  iceberg of behaviour,  behaviour as a way of communication,  pyramid of needs,  impact of behaviour on autistic individuals and others,  strategies to support positive behaviour

Location: online


Autism and The Festive Season - how to enjoy it - 15/12/2023

The webinar will discuss distressed behaviour and its causes,  sensory processing and Festive Season,  strategies to support a child during this period,  wellbeing of the family

Location: online

Cost: FREE

What parents and professionals say:

"I am 46 minutes in and I am absolutely loving every second of it. What a wonderful human you are and speaking from experience having worn so many different hats - parent, teacher, ALL THE THINGS!! I cannot express to you how grateful I am to this information".

"Thank you so much for the past 3 weeks. I have found the course so interesting and informative, and I know that it will help me in my work supporting families and trying to understand a parent’s perspective. My mind is buzzing, and I am thinking of ways to put this into practise now! I will be telling my colleagues about your work and I will look out for other webinars of yours to join."

"Now I can feel more confident, because I understand that the student just does not have a concept of what social roles are. Instead they have intense anxiety about the world, which they are trying to control.

 I feel that Ola's work will enable me to go back to work with more understanding, tools and confidence in supporting the student in a way that supports his needs."